15 Most Popular Hair stylists or Artist in the world

Most Popular Hair stylists: Have you ever wondered how celebrities have the perfect hair all the time? No matter how soft or rough their hair type might be, you will always find them tied together elegantly. Hair stylists are responsible for the beautiful presentation of every celebrity’s hair. From creating the perfect cut to coaxing out the perfect texture, they take care of everything. The best hair stylists work in terms of the personal style and fashion sense of celebrities. They help in developing an individual style from colors to cuts, which becomes a part of their signature look.

Everybody has taken a notice whenever their favorite stars changed their hair from blonde to red or chopped their locks off. Given below is the list of some of the best and popular hairstylists:

David Mallett

He is originally from Australia but also works from the Salon de Coiffeur in Paris. Some of his most famous clients include Liv Tyler, Diane Kruger, Marion Cotillard, and Julianne Moore.

One of David’s signature hairstyles is the light and bouncy waves that have been personified by several celebrities and supermodels. Mallett has also come up with his own line of hair styling products including volume powder. This light and the concentrated product helps in making the hair look longer and thicker.