25 Most Beautiful and Youngest Hollywood Actress

Youngest Hollywood Actress: When it comes to films, there is always a demand for the new face and new talent. The constant change is something that brings dynamism to the industry. Post world war along with everything the perspective of film industry has also changed. Earlier from the script to acting had to fit into box. The Hollywood studio system used to follow a method to make films. At that time actresses were for making the film popular and attractive to the audiences. With the time the perspective of the audiences has changed. Now the actress play pivotal role in the films. Here in this post we are listing Most Beautiful and Youngest Hollywood Actress

Quvenzhané Wallis

She is one of the youngest actresses who nominated for Academy Award for her film Beasts of the Southern Wild.


She is now only 15 and showing her proficiency in acting. She also acted in Annie, and the film got Golden Globe nomination.