13 Celebrities plastic Surgery Before and After

Celebrities plastic Surgery: Celebrities and actors are always on the go and in front of the public eye. This often pressures them to look like society‚Äôs ideal what is beautiful and pretty. This pressure is what makes the celebrities to get plastic surgeries done on their face and body. There are so many times where it is quite evident that the celebrities have gone under the knife, but in some cases, it is not that visible, or you wouldn’t have guessed about it. Given below is a list of 15 celebrities who have got surgeries on their body parts:

Celebrities plastic Surgery Before & After

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa has always been known as one of the funniest actors in the industry. She has a funny appeal to her, and this might be the reason why people did not realise that he has gone under the knife.

But you may be surprised to find out that she got a nose surgery done when she was only 16 years old. Kudrow has always been open about her surgery and how it changed her life. She got it done right between changing high schools.