15 Hollywood Actress and Entrepreneur Who are Successful

Hollywood Actress and Entrepreneur: Having a side business is a great thing to lead a life as it keeps you constantly busy. It is healthy for the creative mind as business always deals with new invention and incorporation of new things. This is the reason a number of celebrities venture into the business sector even after achieving a number of awards and accolades.

The actresses are always busy for their tight schedule but they have made their spare time even busier with their business. When the women came into the business it also symbolizes the women empowerment. When the women celebrities come into the business it also encourages other women to come into business. Here is a list of successful actresses who are also formidable entrepreneurs.

Hollywood Actresses and Entrepreneur

Jennifer Lawrence

We all know that Jennifer Lawrance is an Oscar winner but she is also a businesswoman. She launched her production house with Justine Polsky.

The actress is famous for her films like, Red Sparrow, Passengers, Joy, Mother, etc. When she launched her production house she hoped that her production house will patronize many good films that will be versatile in the genres.