14 Tallest Hollywood Actress who are all popular

Tallest Hollywood Actress: It is true that height can transform the appearance of an individual. When it comes to modeling and acting, one of the most essential things is height. This is the main reason why most of the top models are tall. However, it is usual to find tall models and actresses in Hollywood, but when it comes to creating a list of top tallest actresses in USA; you need to think out of the box. Yes, if you want to know about the tallest actress in Hollywood, you need to check our list of Tallest Hollywood Actress. So, let’s keep reading this listing.

1 – Alisha Tyler

Alisa Tyler is basically famous for her appearance in Ghost Whisperer, The Santa Clause and Criminal Minds, but she is also renowned for her height.


She stands at about 6’. However, now people are considering her height as a positive element of her personality, but there was a time when she had to face lots of issues just because of her height. But she is among those ladies who know how to transform a negative thing into a positive one.